Polyethylene tubes

MPack is one of the most popular and dependable tube manufacturers in the industry. Their products are used for food, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals packaging in European countries. Depending on the chosen materials, they can be used even for storing reactive substances. One of the most solid and durable products are COEX tubes, while amongst the eco-friendly solutions there are sugar cane tubes. In case of any doubts and questions, the clients can always get in touch with the company and count on their employees.

Tube manufacturers

COEX is one of the most popular types of products made by tube manufacturers in Europe. They are extruded by technologically advanced machines, which is why their surface is completely smooth, without any seals or stitches. An additional barrier between the layers makes them more durable and able to store oils and even dissolvents. The company made sure each product available in their offer was made carefully and by using top notch materials. The pictures of finished tubes from previous projects can be found on its website.

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