Polyethylene tubes

Every company that deals in the production of many types of cosmetics, cleaning agents or food needs to employ the help of a trustworthy manufacturer of tubes for their substances. One thing being the importance of how the product is presented and seen by the potential customer, the other, all the legal and safety protocols and requirements it has to meet. MPack is a company making sure that the beauty and food industries are equipped with long-lasting and leak-proof containers. Thanks to technologically advanced machines, they are able to provide their clients with quality solutions.

Production of polyethylene tube

The polyethylene tubes they produce were first discovered around 1930s in England and since then gained an immense popularity and are manufactured globally at an incredulous number of over 90 million metric tons a year. This particular material is frequently used in the development of cosmetics and food, because of how flexible and resilient it is. The moderate costs of ordering a production of polyethylene tubes makes it incredibly popular among a wide number of companies. MPack works both with big corporations and smaller businesses to bring them the most reliable containers.

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