Bottle filling machines

There are many superb filling machines, produced by JK – Maschinenbau, available for you to select from. Not only can you choose between fully automatic and semi-automatic ones, but also pick a model perfectly adjusted to the substance you work with. It can be juice, alcohol, milk, cosmetic cream, ointment, mascara or even some inflammable, explosive and corrosive materials. There is no worry if you do not know which one to decide on, as you can always contact the company's professional consultant on the phone or e-mail.

Automatic filling

The high-quality filling machines manufactured by JK-Maschinenbau are invaluable tools in factory production. There are semi- or fully automatic variants, which can be adapted to your personal expectations. The first kind is used for example to fill cosmetic, household or alimentary products. Fully automatic filling machines are perfect for industrial scale of production. They are extremely fast and efficient, at the same time presenting the highest hygienic standard.

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