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If you are looking for professional CD/DVD/BD printing services, the offer presented by Printmasta will be perfect for you. It is a Polish company working on a European scale – they have many clients from, for example, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Finland. They use various techniques, such as litho offset, silkscreen or UV printing. Apart from discs themselves, they can also produce customised packagings for you, such as digipaks, inserts or booklets. Choosing Printmasta, you can be sure that the quality will be great and the turnaround time will be short.


One of the main services from their beneficial offer is also CD duplication. They use OEM discs for this purpose, the same as such renowned manufacturers as Verbatim or TDK apply in their production process. They can duplicate CDs or DVDs even with the lowest speed, what makes them readable for the older players as well. All you have to do is e-mail an NRG or ISO disc image to Printmasta (or a link to the file) and in case you did not have it, there is also a possibility to send a master by traditional post.

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Complete offer: CD replication and packaging

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