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Yoko Wool is an online shop where you can find a lot of products that help people to feel warm in the cold days. They are all of high quality, so that they could be amazingly comfortable and surprisingly durable. The company expands its offer constantly and adds new items, so that everyone could order the one that is best for them. They annually participate in various exhibitions, such as UK Spring Fair and Moda or Dublin Showcase. They use only natural material, therefore their products are safe for health.

Woolen cloth - wholesale

There are many items made from woolen cloth. Both wholesale and retail are possible, hence this offer is great not only for individual customers, but for enterprises as well. It is possible to buy there, for example, very soft slippers that will keep feet warm. To protect hands from cold, you can order excellent gloves. Apart from clothes, there are also products for decorating interiors, such as sheepskin rugs. It is certainly worth trusting Yoko Wool and implementing their products to your shop's offer.

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6 Crag Crescent | Clondalkin Dublin | phone no.: +353 870 930 663 | yokowool.com | infoyokowool.com

Complete offer: Woolen cloth wholesale

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