Advertise your company with 3D glasses

People looking for creative ways of marketing their business to a wider audience, should definitely get in touch with Best Promotional. The company specialises in producing long lasting 3D glasses made of cardboard, plastic or paper. These products can be used for various purposes - from screening movies and advertisements, through deciphering secret messages encoded on posters or images. Each person interested in a cooperation is asked to read the FAQ page and get in touch with the company to receive a quote.

Cardboard 3D glasses

Order cardboard 3D glasses and show your customers the delights of using Virtual Reality! Best Promotional offers customisable goggles made completely out of cardboard, Velcro and a set of lenses. To use them, one needs a smartphone with iOS or Android system and also a dedicated application installed onto the device. The phone is then placed in front of these cardboard 3D glasses, while an image or a video is being transferred via the lenses from two neighbouring screens. This solution is frequently used to enhance the fun of playing games on mobile devices.

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