Ethanol fireplace

If you invest in an ethanol fireplace, you will contribute to making it less contaminated. Moreover, it does not require a chimney, so it can be installed almost everywhere. The most important thing about such an enhancement is that it does not produce smoke, ash or soot, so it does not poison us and it does not emit any unpleasant smell. At the same time, it is a breath-taking, modern decoration for your interior that makes it look prestigious and elegant. If you want to change your apartment so that it could be more ecological and stylish, you can visit to see how many models are available for you.


For those who would like to enjoy the additional warmth and cosy atmosphere caused by a fireplace, Lovter has prepared an ecological ethanol fireplace. This product is exceptional, as it will easily work in every kind of interior. It comparison to a regular fireplace, it does not require additional ventilation system, as the fuel that is used does not cause additional substances to get to the air. When bioethanol burns, it emits only steam and warmth. More information can be found on the Lovter website.

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