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Stella Maris is a company that offers a variety of attractions to their customers in Sardinia. Sport fishing, unforgettable sightseeing tours and even boat rental will let you have an extraordinary experience and enjoy this European utopia fully. Depending on what is your plan for the holidays you can either spend the time sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding you or choose more adventurous activities and go on one of their fishing trips. No matter what you decide, the company and its employees are going to make sure you are having the time of your life.

Sport fishing Sardinia

With the crew from Stella Maris you will learn all about the variety of species found in these waters and see the best places for catching them. Sport fishing in Sardinia is incredibly popular, mostly because the creatures found here are impressive and appreciated on the food markets everywhere. However, to be able to catch some of them, you will have to listen carefully to the professionals and follow their instructions. Only then you can possibly hope to catch specimens exceeding 550 lbs in weight and 6.5 ft in length.

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