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Cocochoco Professional is a manufacturer of quality products used in keratin treatment. The method, known also as Brazilian hair straightening, nourishes tired and damaged hair, but also helps in managing unruly curls. The effects of smoothening can last up to three months, unlike any other methods used by hairdressers. The specialists at Cocochoco Professional create highly effective formulas of their products, which is later sold mostly to hair salons, since the procedure should not be performed by an amateur.

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening needs a specific sets of products to be effective and safe for the client. First of all, the hair needs to be thoroughly washed with a clarifying shampoo. Then after carefully blow-drying it, the chosen keratin-based product has to be carefully applied - section by section - without covering the roots. After that, it is sealed with a ceramic flat iron heated to 230 degrees Celsius. The client should not wash her hair in the following 72 hours, but as a means of aftercare, the company offers a number of nourishing conditioners and masks.

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