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Pamaku Exhaust Systems is a company originating in Poland, which offers quality car parts to clients all over Europe. Their offer includes mostly components of exhaust systems, like DPFs, catalytic converters or mufflers. Each product has been manufactured by a trusted factory from solid and reliable materials. The majority of available parts have a two year warranty, but they will surely last much longer than that. Customer service will answer any question asked and will help in choosing elements best fitted for a particular vehicle.

DPF - diesel particulate filter

A diesel particulate filter, known also simply as the DPF, is an element used in exhaust systems of vehicles powered by a compression-ignition engine. Its function is collecting and destroying soot created as a by-product by such cars. These particles can cause a number of health and environmental problems, including asthma, smog and even a stroke if they manage to get into the bloodstream via the lungs. This is why it is so important to take good care of this part and always buy a new DPF whenever the old one loses its efficiency.


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