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Employing the help of professionals in redesigning and taking care of one's garden is a simple way to create a beautiful space around the house. Exquisite Landscaping operates in Liverpool, Manchester and many smaller towns in the area offering quality services for people who want to take care of their driveways and backyards. The main specialisation of the company is garden design, but they also take care of setting it up and its maintenance - mowing the law, weeding, cutting the hedges and watering the plants.

Creative garden design - Liverpool and the area

The company will make sure the prepared garden design will be truly unique in all Liverpool and surrounding areas. Each project is proceeded by a thorough interview with the clients, to establish their needs, preferences and dreams. Only after learning all of that, the team starts working on the garden designs, including the ideas and suggestions presented during the meeting. After analysing the site and consulting the client about the plans, the company is ready to start working on bringing it to life.

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54 St James St | L1 0AB Liverpool | phone no.: +44 01516620046 | exquisitelandscaping.co.uk | officeexquisitelandscaping.co.uk

Complete offer: Garden design

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gps 53.396773,2.9798453

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